Mum’s extreme Coronavirus preparation – taking inspiration from zombie movies

As Coronavirus continues to spread raising fears of a global pandemic, people around the world are doing whatever they can to protect themselves.

While most of us are just washing our hands a bit more, one mum has gone to extreme lengths to prepare for the worst.

Jemma Reed, from Australia, has started stockpiling food and medicine for a year just in case the virus causes chaos in the country.

Although Jemma doesn’t think that the virus will ever get to the stage where she will need to rely on these survival skills, she says “with three children you can never be too safe”.

As well as filling five of her pantries, with “approximately 50 kilos of rice and 50 kilos of lentils”, she has also stocked up on medicines and weapons – though legal ones.

Jemma has filled five pantries with food for the year

With her son suffering from ADHD, and many companies importing medication from China, she worries that her son will run out of medicine if the borders don’t reopen soon.

She said she has stocked up on the bare minimum, with: “150 packets of Panadol, 150 packets of aspirin, 150 packets of Nurofen, antibiotics, and bandages”, as well as asthma pumps.

Jemma admits she might have gone slightly over the top, saying: “We’ve gone a little above and beyond” when describing the vegetable seeds and fish tanks they recently bought to breed fish in. 

Jemma worries that her son’s ADHD medication will run out if the borders don’t reopen

Getting inspiration from zombie apocalypse films, Jemma and her husband have based their preparation around all things that can be traded.

So, they’ve stocked up on food, medicine and tobacco – even melting jewellery just in case they needed to trade silver and gold.

Although she laughed at her survival plan, she said it “was better to be safe than sorry” adding “and at the end of the day, everything we have can still be used even if nothing happens with the coronavirus”.

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Bizarre news from Mirror Online

Other Australians have flocked to Coronavirus survival Facebook pages, one of which is run by film director, Dianne Regan.

She posted a video of herself buying a number of N96 respirator masks and admitted: “When I went out and purchased these masks … I did feel a bit crazy … I’m a little more panicked than most people”.

Before adding, “We’re hoping Australia will be fine but if it’s not, we’re not risking it because I’ve got a child with a low immunity”.